Why Is Chairman Obama Orchestrating A Race War?

ELDER PATRIOT – Alternative news websites have been speculating for a while whether President Obama is seeding the pot for an eventual race war in order to advance his radical agenda of social justice and Marxist economic principles.  Frighteningly, the only evidence to the contrary is…well there isn’t any evidence to the contrary.

From the beginning of his first term he has reflexively sided with any black involved in an interracial confrontation.  He has never backtracked or apologized when proven his support was misplaced.

Likewise, who can forget his deafening silence when the Black Panthers sought to intimidate voters at a Philadelphia polling place.

No responsible journalist can say with certainty that the president is a decided racist.  I have no window into his heart.  It’s more likely the president is using race to advance a different agenda.  Community organizers have long been known to use this technique.

His choice to remain silent about what is now unfolding in Waller County, Texas suggests complicity with the Black Panther Party, their methods, and their goals.  Approximately 15 heavily armed members of the New Black Panther Party marched on the Waller County Jail yesterday chanting, “The revolution is on, Off the pigs,” and “Oink, oink…bang, bang.”

Ostensibly hiding behind First and Second Amendment protections the group clearly overstepped those protections but we are yet to hear a word from Obama telling them to cool it.  Why?  Because the New Black Panther Party is doing the president’s work.  Because the New Black Panther Party doesn’t fart without first getting the president’s approval.

If the message was simply to build on some imagery of black discontent with policing methods in support of the Black Lives Matter movement they could have chosen a far less incendiary location than in Texas.  Why did they choose Texas where the citizenry is heavily armed and the potential for a violent outbreak more likely than other states?

One theory may be that with the Jade Helm exercises being conducted in Texas the president would be in a stronger position to squash any rebellion while enforcing his authority in declaring martial law.  Crushing dissent in Texas, a state that has long been noted for its independent and armed population and that is steeped in the “fight to the last man standing” culture of the Alamo, would serve as a strong message to discourage any future dissenters to his forced changes to the country.

The president may see this as a beneficial pre-emptive show of strength as he begins rolling out his most aggressive assault by far on traditional American values with his soon to be made public social justice programs that are designed to affect every American in every way.