ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – It is Wednesday, March 30, 2016, and you know what that means:  It’s Trumpday!  Let’s get started.

The Authoritarian Left continues to become increasingly unhinged, with collegians “triggered” and becoming emotional puddles at the mere sight of a TRUMP 2016 slogan scrawled in chalk on the campus of Emory University. 


This is a continuation of a pre-meditated attack on Trump, and conservatives in general, that has sought to turn Trump into a radioactive, untouchable, political figure.  A walking, talking Confederate Flag, if you will.  This is right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook, which instructs authoritarian Leftists to “freeze and isolate the target”.  The Left has tried to make the mere mention of Donald Trump’s name the political and social equivalent of using the N-word, but they have met with an equally ferocious backlash.  Trump has persevered, and avoided becoming an isolated pariah, securing endorsements in both the political world and in the entertainment establishment.

The George Soros directed and funded campaign to disrupt Trump campaign rallies continues unabated, with the goal of suppressing the free speech of Trump supporters, and making them stay home out of fear of violence that is instigated by the Leftists themselves.  The extent of the mental derangement of the Left was on display at a Trump Rally in Janesville, Wisconsin.  Leftist agitators first tried to stage a sit in the day before the event at the Holiday Inn venue, but were arrested and hauled away.  The day of the event Leftists, separated only by a small makeshift fence, screamed obscenities only a few feet away from Trump supporters as they waited to enter the rally, hoping to provoke a response.  See the clip below of the gibbering Leftist retard, who appears to be under the influence of illegal narcotics:

If a conservative uses language like “Fuck you, Fat bitch”, it is a crime against decorum of the highest order.  Look at how Donald Trump was crucified by Megyn Kelly for language less obscene that this.  If a conservative on a college campus uses this language against a woman, they will probably be subjected to academic discipline, accused of “verbal assault”, and maybe even expelled.  But it’s just fine when the Authoritarian Left uses it.  In fact, those on the Left can rarely be seen stringing a sentence together without using the F-Bomb.

Now I want you to look at another video of another altercation at the same Trump Rally in Janesville, Wisconsin.  In this clip, a 19 year old Leftist agitator throws a punch at a Trump supporter waiting to enter the venue.  In response another man next to the one who is punched quickly responds by shooting pepper spray in the woman’s face.

Now, there are a few things I want to point out to you in this video.  First, at the 15-18 second mark, we see one of the anti-Trump protestors holding a black and red flag.  This is important.  It is a communist party flag:


Also known as the Anarcho-Communist flag.  It is used by the Communist Party USA and, specifically, the communist party in Chicago.  Barak Obama was run as a candidate for the communist party in Chicago in his younger days.  Frank Marshall Davis, notorious communist and probably Obama’s real father, was also a member.  Another member was Vernon Jarrett, Valerie Jarrett’s father.  The Obamas wore the colors of the Anarcho-Communist flag on the evening of their 2008 election victory party.  It was a nod to all of their numerous communist supporters.


That flag being held by the anti-Trump protestor says that these protests are being organized and directed by professional Leftists, and the dots connect all the way up to the White House.

The second thing I want to point out about this video is the entire setup of the situation.  Notice how the Trump supporters are made to wait an interminable amount of time to enter the video, and have nowhere to go to escape the hectoring of the Leftist agitators.  Note further that the Leftist agitators are allowed to stand elbow to elbow to the Trump supporters.  There is no police line, and the police do not make an appearance until after the agitators succeeded in provoking the Trump supporters (by throwing a punch).  It’s all orchestrated so that the LeftMedia Machine can secure the propaganda story of the evening.  Sure enough, that night the Media lied and said that the woman was 15 years old, (she’s really 19) had been groped (never happened according to the videotape) and that she had been pepper sprayed by a Trump supporter (no mention of her first punching someone standing in line).  This is how the anti-Trump media memes are manufactured and engineered.

The national media are running the same playbook against Trump with their own reporters.  Trump’s communication director, Corey Lewandowski, has been charged with criminal assault following a run in with a reporter named Michelle Fields, who claimed that Lewandowski bruised her arm and threw her to the ground.  The video of the Jupiter, Florida event on March 6th shows no such thing.

In case you’re wondering who is who in this non event, Fields is the female reporter in the light yellow sweater who approaches, and touches, Trump (a technical assault), while Lewandowski is the man behind trump who puts his arm up to wave Fields off.  As the video shows, Lewandowski neither grabs her arm, nor throws her to the ground.  Apparently, iron clad video evidence isn’t enough to keep you from being wrongfully charged with criminal assault these days, not when half the country is on a Jihad to hurt the Trump campaign any way possible.

Even Megyn Kelly, second to known in her hatred for Trump, admitted that she has been in hundreds of “reporter scrums” in her career, and that Field’s claims are baseless.  If this is going to be the new standard in what constitutes “assault”, Americans are all going to have to be encased in bubble wrap before they go out the door every morning.

Meanwhile, a tombstone with Trump’s name on it mysteriously appeared in NYC Central Park this week, and more rap songs threatening Trump with death were allowed to stay up on YouTube.

I am more and more convinced that Trump is exactly what America needs, based solely on who his enemies are.