The New York Times: All The Propaganda Fit To Wipe Your Ass With

ELDER PATRIOT – The once great New York Times has cemented its place as nothing more than a propaganda tool for the radical Progressive Movement.  Evidence has been overwhelming for decades but their refusal to even mention Hillary Clinton’s personal breach of security at the State Department while she was in charge is journalistic malpractice of the highest (lowest?) order.

Hillary Clinton is not just a former First Lady.  She’s the Democratic front-runner for president yet, as Mr. Clinton’s scandals continue to mount the N.Y. Times sees nothing worthy of discussion.  Compare that to their endorsement of Republican presidential candidate John McCain in 2008.

Within days of endorsing McCain, the Times ran a front-page story alleging McCain had an affair with a lobbyist.  That would hardly rise to the level of any number of Ms. Clinton’s scandals that the Time’s has consistently chosen to ignore or downplay, but the Times agenda driven reporting is much more despicable than that because the McCain story was eight years old and the Times knew that when they led with the article.  Worse, the story had been proven false and had been reported as such by the Times way back then.

Hey, New York Times, I’ll spell it out for you:  If Hillary Clinton violated national security policies as head of the Department of State she cannot be trusted with any job – government or private sector – again.  The Clinton’s are about the money and like her husband before, Clinton knows that national security information has a high price tag on the international market.  The higher the level the information is classified as, the more it’s worth.

The Times will try to nuance this when it can no longer avoid reporting it by saying Hillary never actually passed any classified information herself and so is only guilty of failing to follow protocol.  Only kool-aid drinking Clintonistas should believe this.  Like all crime bosses, the Clinton’s have proven to be ruthless in the protection of their personal financial empire.  Whether Hillary ever gets what she deserves is questionable.  Along the way, though, we should see a number of her “closest” associates thrown overboard or worse.  The record of Clinton fall guys is a long one with a number of their accomplices now sleeping with the fishes.