The Arrogance of the Political Elite

ELDER PATRIOT – New York State’s GOP chairman said the Donald Trump would not be his party’s presidential nominee.  How can he make such a bold prediction at a time that Trump is virtually lapping the field?  For the political elite of both parties it comes down to party fealty. 

Trump’s refusal to rule out running representing a third-party violated the mafia like oath of loyalty to another candidate who isn’t yet known.

Party chairmen Ed Cox was quoted as saying “For Trump to be up on that stage and out of personal pique suggest that if he’s not the nominee, he’ll run an independent campaign that will cause a Democrat to win next year was anathema to the whole audience, many of whom will be very instrumental in deciding who the nominee will be.”

Cox went further; “If you want to be the Republican nominee, you have to say you will accept the results of the primary process and not run as a third-party candidate.

“Donald Trump is his own brand, and it’s not the Republican brand.”

This raises some questions for the GOP chairman:

What is the Republican brand you’re so intent on protecting? 

Is it profligate spending your party has approved to fund the nearly limitless growth of government?

Is it supporting the nationalization of our healthcare system that your party has steadfastly refused to defund?

Is it the end of United States sovereignty that your party continues to threaten by not supporting the closing of our nation’s borders.

Hey Ed, you have no brand worth protecting which is why Trump leads in the first place and other political outsiders like Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson are also polling so well.  Even among the party regulars, Ted Cruz leads the way and he’s been nothing but an outspoken critic of the party since before his election in 2012.

No, the brand Chairman Cox is referring to is the selling of the government to big business and international bankers by walking in lock-step with their Democrat cohorts and while masquerading as something different from the Democratic Party.

Isn’t it hubris of the highest magnitude to demand support of a candidate by another candidate as a condition for gaining the nomination?   It’ll be up to the party’s voting base to decide who they want to represent them and not the party itself. 

Cox exposed a whole lot about the system with his comments.  It’s apparent our political parties have decided that they will tell us whom we can vote for and not the other way around as our Founders had intended.

We all owe Trump a debt of gratitude whether we agree with his politics, or not.  He is spending his own money to expose a thoroughly corrupt system and to bring important issues to the fore.

Meanwhile, Cox continued the Republican’s strategy of whistling past the graveyard when he said Trump’s attacks on Megyn Kelly were “a huge mistake for which he’s paying a price.”  Ed, in case you missed it, Trump added another point to his lead after the debate.  What price is Trump paying? 

More obvious is the price that the Republican Party is paying for abandoning its principles and its base over the past 26 years.