ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – The Obama Regime and the Regressive Left in America are persecuting Christians through force of law like never before.  The state of the persecution so far:

1.  The state of Kentucky has begun imposing a religious test on volunteer pastor counselors in its youth division, insisting that they refrain from calling homosexuality “sinful” and dismissing those who cannot bend their religious faith to accommodate the state requirements.  Kentucky now bans any volunteer pastor counselors from quoting the Bible, which calls homosexuality “sinful”.

2.  Christian couple in Iowa who own and operate a wedding chapel and catering and flower business are being sued by a gay male couple who were refused marriage service because of the couple’s Christian faith.  Numerous other examples of this in other states exist, reflecting a coordinated, national campaign of repression and persecution of Christian business owners.

3.  The U.S. Supreme Court ordered a publically elected, county clerk to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples, requiring clerks to personally sign their names to such licenses, regardless of whether such actions violate their religious beliefs.


4.  Numerous U.S. state courts have issued orders that force Christian bakers and photographers to perform their services for homosexual weddings, over the objections of the Christian defendants that say such actions violate their religious beliefs.

5.  A Massachusetts medical center dismissed a Christian doctor and 30 year cancer researcher because he publically cited to Federal government statistics that show that the homosexual lifestyle poses deadly health risks.

6.  The Fire Chief of the City of Atlanta was fired for publically expressing his Christian belief that “homosexuality is unnatural and unbiblical”.  Fairly tame stuff in an age where Muslim Imams regularly preach to their congregants to go chop off the heads of Infidels.  But a different set of rules applies to Christians, and this is the essence of persecution.

7.  Nike has cut ties with legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao due to recent opinions he shared on homosexuality.  The eight-time world boxing champion told a television station in the Philippines that homosexuals are in many ways “worse than animals” because even beasts shun the practice.  Nike dropped Pacquiao in less than 24 hours.

8.  A California state legislator has introduced a bill that would ban travel by state employees to any state that has a religious-liberty law viewed as “discriminatory” against homosexuals, i.e. one that upholds the legal rights of Christians to maintain Christian beliefs.   Another bill would cut off student financial aid for private colleges and universities, particularly religious ones, that are not perceived by state bureaucrats to be “friendly” to homosexuals.

This is part of a “package” of bills meant to stop state funds from flowing to any person or entity that uses the First Amendment’s religious-liberty clause to “discriminate” against homosexuals.  If past history is accurate, then in practice it is likely to only be used against Christians.  While Muslims also hold views against homosexuality, only Christians have been singled out by government actions and lawsuits for persecution.

9.  President Obama, who has been trying to reframe the Constitution’s protection of religious rights to the narrower “freedom to worship” rather than “freedom of religion” went a step further to say that gay rights trump religious rights under the Constitution.  Understand the distinction:  Freedom to worship simply means you have a right to worship behind the closed doors of your church.  Freedom of religion means you have a right to exercise your religion outside of the doors of your church.  The “freedom to worship” concept being pushed by the Left puts Christians out of the public square and into a closet.

10.  Everywhere on public grounds, Christian crosses and Christmas trees have been removed.  Anywhere they have not, those places are being sued and are being forced to do so under state and federal law.

11.  Public schools do not allow children to pray publically, even though the Supreme Court has ruled in the past that children do not shed their constitutional rights at the school house door.  Christian children have been singled out for punishment merely for whispering a prayer of grace over their lunches before eating.  Christian children have been banned from wearing rosaries, on the pretext that it is now considered a “gang symbol”.

This list is hardly comprehensive, but it is already too long.

My advice is for Christians to persevere and their goal should be to outlast the homosexual “revolution”.  Do not easily go into the closet that the homosexuals would put us in.  For they intend to turn that closet into a jail cell.

Homosexuality will continue to defeat itself, it will continue to bring awakening and consolidation among Christians, and we will see a Gospel-based moral and cultural revolution in America.  The FDA says it’s now okay for homosexual men to give blood again.  We went through this already in the 1980’s.  Before they were banned, the practice only served to widely spread AIDS.  The freer homosexuals are to practice their lifestyle, the more death, disorder and misery it will bring to those that practice it, and the starker the lesson will be for the rest of us to adhere to Christian values.


The tide will one day turn.  This has all happened before.

Homosexual practices existed in several Bible-era cultures: ancient Greece, Rome, Canaan and Egypt. Those societies destroyed themselves and no longer exist, while the Jewish people, who followed God’s commandment against homosexual behavior, are still around today.

The Apostle Paul gives Christians hope. By the time Paul was beheaded, he was a lowly prisoner at the mercy of the powerful Roman Emperor Nero. But history does not remember Nero as greater than Paul.  History remembers Nero as a madman, a pervert, and a monster.  Today parents name their sons Paul.  If the name Nero is ever used at all, it is to name our dogs.  The Lord works in mysterious ways, and you never know how the tide will turn.

Christians, and conservatives, need to summon all their courage and moral conviction, because leftists will work hard to make them conform to the “gay” agenda.

The situation reminds one of the biblical Book of Esther to illustrate the current situation.  This book of the Old Testament takes place while the Jewish people are in exile and held as slaves in the Persian Empire.  Mordecai was a Jewish man who refused to follow the law by bowing down to Haman, a highly exalted Persian official.  Mordecai’s refusal angered Haman. It was not enough that everyone else in the Persian Empire bowed down to him. For Haman to be satisfied, Mordecai had to either bow or be killed. In his anger, Haman resolved to exterminate all Jewish exiles living in the Persian Empire.

Homosexual activists seek to kill Christians spiritually, by forcing them to “bow” to their agenda.  By teaching their children to bow down to the agenda in school and elsewhere in their public life.

The homosexual lobby is not happy that elements of the True Church are still here, although they have made great inroads in the mainline Protestant denominations, that now openly embrace homosexuality and ordain homosexuals as Ministers and Bishops. They will not be satisfied until every church denomination capitulates. They will not be satisfied until Christianity does not have government protection for its views, and every church that does not embrace homosexuality is persecuted by government harassment out of existence. 

Same sex marriage was never the end game for the homosexual activists.  It was always intended to merely be the ram to break down the doors of the Church, and to be the instrument of its destruction.  This is the true goal.  Homosexuals are Satan’s Shock Troops, whether they know it or not, to destroy Christ’s Church.  Satan and his minions will never be satisfied until every Mordecai bows down.  But there will always be a Mordecai that will not bow down.