Media Report August 16th 2015

ELDER PATRIOT – Yesterday we reported how the mainstream media – CBS, NBC, ABC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, etc. – have chosen to downplay or completely ignore the most damaging revelations about the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton regarding their egregious violations of the Espionage Act.  So let’s see what they reported in it’s place.

The Washington Post reports poor Jeb Bush is being hounded by his family history while on the campaign trail.  Maybe if his father hadn’t squandered the Reagan legacy, and his brother hadn’t collapsed the economy and sold us “too big to fail” his family wouldn’t be a problem.  Then again, if he wasn’t already the recipient of $150 million of donor money from the same people as his father, his brother and Hillary Clinton people might see him differently.


More from the Washington Post where a headline reads, “Leader of Islamic State used American hostage as sexual slave.”  Abu Bakr al-Baghadi personally kept a 26-year-old American woman hostage and repeatedly raped her.

So John McCain and the other crybabies on the Left tell us that if we treat prisoners with respect our enemies will treat us that way too.  What la la world do they live in?  They rape and behead at will with the intention of spreading terror among their enemies.  We put our young soldiers at risk because we refuse to use interrogation techniques that might offend.


Yahoo News is reporting that the University of Texas canceled plans to relocate a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis.  That’s good news for now.

Can we please stop denying our history?  The South was about a whole lot more than slavery but, even if it weren’t, that would be enough to justify preserving our historical symbols.

The Jewish People have it right.  We must save and document past atrocities so that there may be reminders that prevent us from ever forgetting.

__________ has reported that News Corp CEO Robert Thompson derided Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social media companies for redistributing content that they didn’t develop. 

His real problem with these social media platforms was exposed when he complained:

“We are entering a new phase of development by the big distribution networks, a phase in which they are not only appropriating content but deciding what content is appropriate and inappropriate. They are appointing editors not to create but to curate. And these curators tend to have a certain mindset, a deep fondness for political correctness, and a tendency to be intolerant of ideological infractions.”

The managing of what news the public should have access to bothers those of us who work daily to bring you the truth that the mainstream media refuses to report.  Mr. Thompson is correct is his assessment that Google, Facebook, et al are guilty of attempting to manage the news the public gets to see.  He failed to acknowledge, however, the same management of the news by the members of the mainstream media.

If he were simply expressing that further consolidation of news reporting threatened the public’s access to the truth he would be correct.  Of course, extending his logic further would lead us to conclude that further disassociation of existing news companies would be even better.  For example making it illegal for any single corporation to own more than a single content developer of a certain size that doesn’t threaten biasing the public discourse.  Wouldn’t that be a kick in the ass to Rockefeller’s Mediacracy?


Reuters is crying that despite President Obama’s best lobbying efforts Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) won’t be supporting the Iran Nuke Deal. 

What difference does it make?  Obama’s New World Order Republican sycophants have already ceded the treaty to Obama and now are only putting on a show for the people they hope will vote to return these sorry asses to the Senate. 

Believe it or not the Republicans already gave Obama the authority to made the deal.  This means that unless the senate comes up with 67 votes to override an Obama veto of a new bill overturning the already passed law, the Iran Nuke Deal will become law.

These scumbags used a parliamentary procedure to allow them to say they voted against it when they are campaigning back home after they already passed it anonymously a few months ago.

Bottom line is Obama needs only 34 votes to pave the way for Iran to have to nuclear capability.  This allows every Republican to tell his constituents he did all he could to prevent it.  There’s even room for Jewish Democrats like Chuck Schumer to vote against it to placate his constituents and still have the 34 votes Obama needs to have his veto stand.


The Washington Times tells us that the number of Hillary Clinton’s emails containing classified data has grown to 60 confirmed so far.  So what?  The public’s lack of outrage is astonishing.  While it’s true that the mainstream media has not reported this story with anywhere near the fervor it should, the public should be capable of the level of critical thinking necessary to figure this out.  It doesn’t look good for the long-term prospects of our country if this is what we’ve become.


The Associate Press has reported, “Law Curbing Public Assembly Takes Affect In Thailand.”  What took them so long over there?  Our Congress and the President passed a law a couple of years ago limiting our rights in that regard in direct contravention of our Bill of Rights. 

__________ is reporting that “The White House has floundered in it’s attempt to enlist social media companies in the messaging war against ISIL.”

Twitter’s Public Policy Director Colin Cromwell explained: “What we don’t do is messaging strategy.  The message that has the most resonance is the one that comes from the individuals and organizations, not the message from Twitter Inc.

As an experienced community organizer and acolyte of Saul Alinsky President Obama already knew this.  His arrogance led him to believe otherwise.


Real Clear Politics quotes Marco Rubio, “Cuba is still anti-American and still a dictatorship.”  Rubio finishes by saying Obama is being duped.  Marco, either you’re being duped or you think the rest of us are stupid.  The fact is President Obama has much in common with Castro.  Obama is anti-American and a dictator.

The most upsetting part of the comparison between Castro and Obama is that Castro had to use military force to take control of Cuba.  People here at home have folded like cheap suits.