Media Report August 14th 2015

ELDER PATRIOT| The Washington Times has posted the results of a Monmouth University poll proving that rank-and-file Leftists are hypocritical ideologues who worship concept and not law.

In light of the revelations about Hillary Clinton’s violation of the Espionage Act, still only 8% of Democrats believe she is hiding something.  A full two-thirds of Democrats oppose any investigation at all!

On further examination why should these people have any concerns about national security issues?  They’re too busy worrying about their right to kill babies, getting society’s full acceptance for sleeping with members of the same sex, getting someone else to pay for their contraception and a myriad of other things that the federal government has no business dealing with based on the Constitution.


From The Hill comes world that Vice President Joe Biden is mulling whether Hillary’s email scandal has “opened up a lane for his third presidential bid.”

Biden would be a scary candidate to oppose.  He’s mean-spirited and vindictive.  Worse, as he has demonstrated in multiple debates, when he is proven wrong he will make up a lie or fabricate facts to turn the debate back in his favor.  He told over a dozen whoppers in his debate with Paul Ryan following a similar performance against Sarah Palin in 2008.

Hopefully, this time only the truly ideologically driven will forgive him his transgressions because we can ill afford another lying Leftist running this country.


Bloomberg Politics reports that Martin O’Malley is upset over the Democratic National Committee’s debate rules.  It seems O’Malley is chomping at the bit to be on the same stage with Hillary and Bernie Sanders. 

Why shouldn’t he be?  He’s a fit and handsome fellow and would make Sanders look like a doddering old man mired in his fading socialist ideas.  As for Hillary, well who wouldn’t want a chance to capitalize on her breach of national security at this time?

The larger question though is why the DNC is holding off on debates for now?  The answer is simple.  The specter of Hillary Clinton lying about her use of a personal email server to handle highly classified documents while standing on the same stage has the potential to do irreparable damage to the other candidates sharing that platform.  The delay gives the Democrats some hopes of putting Hillary in their rear-view mirror if it plays out perfectly.


Writing for World Net Daily, Patrick J. Buchanan has an opinion piece entitled “GOP Elites Plot To Purge Trump” that I highly recommend reading.

The key message echoes what many Trump supporters feel but what the Elite aren’t prepared to admit; without Trump the party of the Republican Elites not only isn’t worth saving, it isn’t savable.  Bottom line is the party’s leaders want it to be business as usual as the march towards the new world order continues unabated. 


YouTube sensations Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson have released their second video in support of Donald Trump for creating opportunities in the U.S., and admonishing their African-American brothers and sisters for their roles in diminishing the value of Black lives in the eyes of other Americans.


We’ve all heard that power corrupts and that absolute corrupts absolutely.  The Washington Times has uncovered another scandal in the Clinton State Department that illustrates how those with the power can leverage that power into millions of dollars. 

Michael T. Sestak was in charge of the non-immigrant visa section of the consulate in Ho Chi Minh City.  This provided him the opportunity to approve visas and he used his authority to provide visas to 500 foreign nationals who had previously been denied entry into the United States.  Why would he do that?  He had 3 million reasons and each one was a U.S. dollar.    


From the Washington Times we learn that George Soros funded the Ferguson protests in the hopes of spurring civil action.  Soros, who is an advocate of the new world order and a one-world government, gave over $33 million in a single year in order to embolden miscreant activists. 

When the high-sounding goals of Soros’ Open Society Foundation are stripped away you’re left with a singular reality, Soros is paying huge sums of money to organize and spark civil unrest in our communities.  He is guilty of inciting riots as surely as anyone can be.  Riots where people are injured and sometimes a loss of life occur.

Once again, the fact that the organizations that are supported by Soros’ OSF, and that the Obama administration has cast a blind eye towards stopping this is proof of the Obama administration’s complicity in bringing riots to our streets and that they are planned and welcomed by them.