There Was A Massive Rally AGAINST Islam In France But You’d NEVER Know It If You Watch CNN

BAISH| Those who choose CNN as their main source of news are still in the dark about the HUGE rally that took place back in April. Yes, that’s right, there are still Americans who are totally unaware of important world events thanks to far-Left news stations like CNN. Hundreds of young French citizens took to the streets to protest Islamic terrorist groups responsible for so much destruction and the loss of so many innocent souls in their country.

The full video of the rally can be seen below.

The group of young French patriots yielded a giant sign and t-shirts that read “Generation Identitaire.” This phrase refers to the Identitarian movement which began as a conservative youth movement in France in 2002. The group advocates protection of national identity and bringing their country back to “traditional western values.”

The rally made it pretty obvious that the French are just about as sick and tired of Islamic terrorists as Americans are. It’s about time that someone deliver the actual news, and not a bunch of fake garbage. CNN and the rest of the mainstream media outlets need to get off their asses and stop ignoring what is really going on in the world. The citizens are sick and tired of living in constant fear of terrorists, while being forced by the Left to live among them! I think these French nationalists would agree with me when I say that keeping a tight watch on a country’s borders is extremely important now, more than ever. And to think that the far-Left want to preach Muslim rights and brush any incident that doesn’t match up with their political agenda right under the carpet never to be seen. Well, not this time. We aren’t going to let real news get buried because Liberals told us to. H/T