As tensions between North Korea and pretty much everyone else in the world continue to ratchet up, there have been reports that communist dictator Kim Jong Un has grown increasingly paranoid that he may be targeted in a “decapitation” strike by U.S. and allied military forces, according to Fox News.

As such, he has more or less hunkered down in his underground bunker to feel safe in his heavily defended capitol, limiting outside exposure as much but providing a hard target for his enemies.

“Pyongyang is surrounded by antiaircraft weapons, and while the corpulent Kim presents a large and sluggish target, he’s kept on the move, always surrounded by fanatical guards and often near or in complex underground compounds,” explained Mark Sauter, a former U.S. Army special operator who served in the Korean demilitarized zone during the Cold War.

Nevertheless, Sauter stated that Kim probably “does need to worry about strikes by precision-guided missiles and bunker-buster bombs in the early stages of a preemptive allied attack, and if a conflict continues, everything from (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) to special operators will be on his tracks.”

Following Kim’s latest test launch of a intercontinental ballistic missile, South Korean and U.S. forces released footage of their own test launches of missiles, particularly one missile developed by South Korea that is capable of penetrating underground bunkers and vaporizing everything inside of it, according to American Military News.

That missile is known as the Hyunmoo II, and a test launch of the weapon in late June was said to be “aimed at sending a clear warning against North Korea’s repeated provocations,” according to a spokesperson for the South Korean president.

Furthermore, the spokesperson made it clear that the short-range bunker-busting ballistic missile “will be a key component in our kill chain to counter possible North Korean missile attacks.” READ MORE OR WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW

You can watch the recently released test footage right here: