After Finding Out What Obama’s Leftover Muslim Staffer’s Been Doing For Months … TRUMP FIRES HIM AT ONCE

BAISH| White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly, has made it very clear that he isn’t messing around when it comes to who he trusts to be a part of our nation’s government. Kelly is a retired Marine general who served three tours in Iraq and recently served as the Secretary of Hameland Security. With a track record like his, who would try to mess with him? On his first day on the job he set the tone for what was to come, and we should all be taking him very seriously. Anyone who Kelly deems unfit will be booted immediately. Anthony Scaramucci was fired. Obama’s leftover Muslim staffer, George Selim, reportedly quit immediately before Kelly arrived.

Selim, who was previously in charge of former President Barack Obama’s program designed to redirect Islamic immigrants from becoming jihadists, left right as Kelly was making his way into his new position as Chief of Staff. The program that Selim was in charge of was titled “Countering Violent Extremism.” The program, which was initially created to prevent terrorism, failed very quickly. The government kept feeding more and more money into the program but it showed no results. Muslims were not reporting those who turned to jihad, which pretty much defeated the entire purpose. Attacks continued, and no one was coming forward to out the attackers. If the program had actually worked the way it was intended to, shootings such as the one that took place at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida and pressure-cooker bombings that happened in New Jersey would have never happened. None of the Muslims who weren’t involved with jihadism came forward. If any of them had given ANY information to authorities, so many lives could have been saved.

It is most likely that Selim was well aware that the CVE program wasn’t working, but didn’t do anything about it because he knew he was on his way out of the White House. Although Selim left on his own accord, we can say with confidence that he would have been next on Kelly’s list.

George Selim headed the now-defunct CVE program which tried to offer federal support and legal autonomy to Islamic political groups if they redirected Islamic immigrants and youths away from Islamic militancy and jihad. His resignation spotlighted Kelly’s decision to replace Obama’s failed policy with more direct government involvement in Islamic communities. Kelly may use his new White House job to make his anti-jihad strategy a government-wide policy.

During his six months at the agency, Kelly apparently discarded Obama’s CVE plan and has shifted DHS attention and funds away from Islamic groups which wanted to prevent FBI anti-jihad investigations in their Islamic communities.

Instead, the funds and attention will go to police groups that are directly assimilating Islamic communities into normal American civic society, without relying on the Islamic political groups, such as the Muslim Public Affairs Council.

Kelly, like any normal America, doesn’t want to hand over money to Muslim groups or Muslim people at all. It appears that there was literally no return investment from the CVE, so Kelly left the plan in the dust. He believed that it was a more productive idea to supply police forces to work directly with Islamic communities to aid with assimilation. The CVE was extremely secretive, whereas Kelly’s plan has a more public appearance with police forces working to help the communities. Working together, rather than hiding everything from one another is a system that has always proven to yield better results.

Muslims have had a lot of trouble succeeding in America. It may be due to the immense lifestyle changes. A huge and obvious difference is one that Muslim women face. Women in America aren’t forced to dress a certain way, whereas Muslim women are shamed and punished if they aren’t covered head to toe. This oppressive behavior is damaging to these women. Why is it fair that Muslim men can dress however they like, but their wives and daughters and sisters are forced to cover themselves entirely?

I’m proud to call Kelly the Chief of Staff. He is doing a great job making much needed changes to our country. I believe that we will see significant positive effects from the choices he has been making. H/T