Famous Gay Man Makes Shocking Admission About Barack Obama’s Sexuality

KIRSTERS BAISH| Over the years we have all heard the rumors that Barack Obama may possibly be lying about his sexuality. Rumors have continually been circulating for years that Obama has some serious secrets to hide regarding the issue of him possibly being gay. The rumors about his love for gay bathhouses and the possibility of a gay lover in Chicago have made the rounds, but we don’t really know what to think at this point. One famous gay man has just weighed in on the matter.

Milo Yiannopoulos had a lot to say about Obama’s carefully styled designer duds he was rocking when he was spotted leaving the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. on Sunday. Obama was wearing an $1,800 Canali jacket, Allen Edmonds shoes which retail at $360, and Oliver Peoples sunglasses that go for $485. The mainstream media loved glorifying Obama’s outing, while openly gay Conservative, Milo Yiannopoulos had a slightly different view. He posted a photo labeled with all of the items of clothing Obama was wear and wrote on it “Totally not gay.”

Yiannopoulos’s Facebook followers seemed to join in on his theory. One Facebook user wrote, “He’s been married to Michael for how long. No one has really seen his real birth certificate because he paid millions to have his records sealed. Everything about this guy is a fraud. Joke will be on his ignorant supporters when his true identity comes out.”

Someone else commented, “Look, I have always thought he was gay!!! And that his marriage was of convenience. They have still never found the person/persons responsible for the deaths of the men that they say dated Obama back during his Reverend Wright Church days in the Low Down Club.” This person was referring to the fact that men who had been accused of having had sexual relationships with Obama mysteriously turned up dead.

Another Facebook user wrote, “Michelle was Michael Robinson when they met so… I’m not shocked by this.”

Although Yiannopoulos is gay, he doesn’t know for sure that Barack Obama is gay. But, Yiannopoulos’s statement comes after knowing all of the other things that have surfaced throughout the years leaving us wondering if Obama batted for the other team. It would help explain his obvious support for gay marriage and LBGTQ rights, as well as his decision to have allowed transgenders to join our country’s military. We don’t know for sure if Obama is gay or not, but the question certainly remains in our minds.