ALLEN WEST| I’ve addressed this issue previously, but it needs to be reiterated often. What we’re seeing in Venezuela should be cause for concern in America. It’s not that I’m advocating military action — which may indeed come in the future — but we need pay attention for one specific reason.

The progressive socialist left in America was very outspoken and supportive of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, yet we hear nothing about what’s happening there now. If this is their vision of what they seek in America. If this is truly what they deemed a model, an example, we should take pause to ensure they never have a position of power in America.

As a reminder, reported by Fox News, “Over the weekend, Venezuela succumbed to dictatorship. It’s going to take a concerted international effort to reverse this ugly development. 

On July 30, Socialist strongman Nicolas Maduro held a fraudulent and highly unpopular election. As a result, all 545 seats of a new “Constituent Assembly’ are being filled with candidates hand-picked by Maduro’s National Socialist Party (PSUV). The Constituent Assembly is empowered to rewrite Venezuela’s constitution, expel members of the opposition from the current National Assembly, and consolidate all power in the executive branch. 

On the day of the election, Maduro’s security forces killed 16 innocent demonstrators and bystanders. Videos showed National Guardsmen pouring live fire into unarmed crowds and lobbing teargas into hospitals and apartment buildings. In 121 days of anti-government protests, government forces have killed 130 innocents and detained 3,500 demonstrators. More than 430 protestors remain incarcerated. This is unprecedented in Venezuelan history. Maduro’s jails hold a record number of political prisoners. Never has the Venezuelan government been so dangerously defiant of the people’s will.”

If you weren’t watching the news from Venezuela recently, there were two members of the opposing party who were taken from their homes in the middle of the night by Maduro armed police. And we’ve heard about “truth squads” — which equate to death squads if you know your history.

What this demonstrates unequivocally is socialism is a failing economic system, based on coercion, intimidation, and violence. And in Venezuela, where Chavez ensured the citizens were disarmed, they’re reduced to being unable to defend themselves against the full tyranny of socialism. Do not be fooled, as Vladimir Lenin stated, “the goal of socialism is communism” — no wonder the biggest sponsor state of Venezuela is Cuba.

We hear so much from the left about social justice, so where are their voices now? Yes, it’s no different than when Barack Obama turned his back on the young people of the Green movement in Iran, or when he abandoned the Egyptian people trying to throw out the tyrannical Islamic terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood.

In their silence about Venezuela, just tune into any liberal progressive media outlet to see what they’re talking about. It’s apparent that the progressive socialist left, which once praised Venezuela’s socialism, finds an alliance in what’s happening there. If not, please tell me where you’ve seen the outrage? I have yet to see Bernie Sanders take to the Senate floor to condemn the violence there. I have yet to hear Rep. Barbara Lee take to the House floor to denounce socialism. Where are the voices on the left to speak out against Cuba’s involvement and support of this murderous, brutal, dictatorial regime in Venezuela? Yes, crickets. READ MORE