Sarah Huckabee Sanders Stuns Millions With 9-Year-Old Bombshell on Trump

KIRSTERS BAISH| Washington has become a place where peoples’ souls go to die. We have seen the worst of the worst in Washington, and we can say without hesitation that it is truly a scary place. However, one little boy gave us all hope when Sarah Huckabee Sanders read his letter to President Trump out loud for the world to hear. The assembled press corps was present at the White House on Wednesday when Huckabee stood in front of them and read 9-year-old Dylan’s letter.

Huckabee explained that this moment was meant to remember the “forgotten men, women, and children that we’re here to serve and that the president is fighting for.”

The Washington Times wrote that the letter was from a little boy named Dylan, but he noted in his letter “everybody calls me Pickle.”

In the letter, which was written on June 1st, Pickle explains that Trump is his favorite president. He said he even had a Trump-themed birthday party. “My cake was in the shape of your hat,” Pickle wrote. Dylan also posed a few questions for President Trump. “How old are you? How big is the White House? How much monny do you have?” Dylan wrote. “I don’t now why people don’t like you.”

Huckabee stopped reading the letter and said, “Me either, Dylan.”

The note went on, “You seme nice can we be friends?”

Huckabee said that she hoped Dylan was watching, “because the president wanted me to personally tell you hello.”

She finished, “Dylan, thanks for writing to the president. And if you’re ever in Washington, D.C., I hope you’ll stop by and let us show you around the White House.”

The letter, of course, went viral. The San Diego Union-Tribune’s article was titled, “Everyone’s talking about Dylan, age 9. Donald Trump is his ‘favrit president.’”

We are so pleased to see that the White House pressroom is going to be so much different under Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She truly cares about the American people, and she is willing to show that.

We know the mainstream media hates to report things like this, because Dylan’s letter shows us that President Trump is truly someone we can trust in the White House. Children see what a great man he is, so why can’t Liberals? The Left will continue to publish stories about Trump’s “involvement with Russia.” They won’t make any effort to report about such a sweet little boy’s letter to our president.