Mainstream Normalizes Pedophilia With ‘Victoria Secret’-Style Lingerie Show Featuring 5 YEAR OLD GIRLS

BAISH| We live in a sick and twisted world where the Left keeps trying to normalize pedophilia. Their goal of sexualizing children is undoubtedly the most nauseating thing that we could imagine. Hollywood pop culture has had some messed-up trends in the past, but this one is downright unacceptable. A children’s fashion show was held in a shopping mall in China that clearly had a specific viewer in mind.

Little girls, as young as five-years-old were seen parading down the runway in Victoria’s Secret-style lingerie. You may remember that not too long ago, Kim Kardashian shared images of her new children’s line, which flaunted an adult-looking bikini and a lace slip dress… definitely not aimed for children. One angry parent exclaimed, “I’m not dressing my 4-yr-old daughter in a leopard n lace slip dress Kim Kardashian Kids Line.”

Conservatives have been trying to warn the public about the growing issue of pedophilia in our country, but Liberals didn’t want to listen. They continue to work towards normalizing the sick fantasies of adults who prey on young children for their sexual desires.

The Free Thought Project reported:

In the current age of political correctness, some sects of society know no limits as to how far they will go to force acceptance to avoid offending others. In one extreme case of forcing such political correctness, Salon magazine implies that society must be accepting of pedophiles. In two separate articles, Salon refers to pedophilia as an ‘alternate sexual preference’ and suggests that society should embrace these differences by insinuating that this poor man is just misunderstood.

The article and video on Salon deal with pedophiles known as ‘non-offending’ — meaning while these individuals admit they are sexually attracted to prepubescent children, they claim they’ve never acted on it. However, the subject of one Salon article, Todd Nickerson admitted to seeking out jobs as a babysitter and noted that he “fell in love” with a five-year-old whom he babysat.

The author of Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of Mass Media, Noam Chomsky, explained that the United States mainstream media is definitely the most sophisticated propaganda operation that our world has ever seen. The MSM does whatever they have to in order to change the perception of mass groups of Americans. They are trying to change our core values, and working towards creating a society that views pedophilia as normal behavior.

Hollywood stars have come forward explaining that they have witnessed pedophilia in the industry, warning that it is all too real. Lord of The Rings star, Elijah Wood, and former child-actor, Corey Feldman, have cautioned the public that powerful moguls within Hollywood make it a habit to prey on vulnerable children.

The New York Times proved their support for pedophiles when they published a story claiming that pedophilia isn’t a crime. They boldly stated that pedophilia is actually a “disorder,” trying to make the public feel sympathy for these scumbags who rape children. They stated that “these people (pedophiles) are living with” a mental disorder that alters the way they think and act.

The Free Thought Project also explained:

The sell is that people who rape, or who fantasize about exploiting or raping children are portrayed as victims living with a condition that they have little choice over. The article goes on to insert tidbits about “recent studies,” which is an appeal to authority meant to imply that the author’s normalization agenda is backed by science.

Thus, claims such as: “Men with pedophilia are three times more likely to be left-handed or ambidextrous, a finding that strongly suggests a neurological cause,” leaving readers to discern the credibility of the author’s opinion based on an unprofessional interpretation of the actual study.

Essentially, the idea being forwarded is that people who want to have sexual relations with children are suffering from a “disorder,” and thus are not subject to a moral evaluation, but instead are in need of compassion. The idea that pedophilia is a “condition,” rather than an internal mental process involving desires and attitudes, leaves the pedophile blameless.

It’s important to note that the CEO of the New York Times, Mark Thompson, was actually personally involved in covering up cases involving British child rapist Jimmy Saville. Saville is said to have raped around 500 innocent children throughout his career. He is being protected by the media as well as celebrities.

When will the madness end? It’s time for Americans to take a stand against pedophiles and take them off the streets. Our children are at risk and the Left wants to sit around and feel sorry for twisted individuals who harm children. It’s time to crack down on these perverts once and for all. H/T