HE’S BACK: Jeff Sessions Just Won Back President Trump With An AWESOME MOVE [VIDEO]

BAISH  It’s no secret that there has been some serious tension between President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the past couple of weeks. People have actually been speculating whether or not Sessions will lose his position, but it seems that things may be taking a very different turn. Jeff Sessions has made some moves to give President Trump a very special gift.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has just gone public with his plan to seek out and punish the infamous White House leakers. Fox News explains that the big news story will make its debut on Friday, when Sessions announces it during a press conference.

The video below explains Fox News’s account of the breaking news:

Trump was extremely upset that Sessions was so focused on increasing civil asset forfeitures and battling Marijuana, instead of looking for the White House leakers, exposing Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her IT tech, Imran Awan, and fighting Russia. Sessions was so wrapped up in fighting ridiculous battles that he over looked all of these important issues. He even ignored President Trump’s cry to “drain the swamp” and expose the corrupt Congressmen. Sessions had better make good on his promise, or President Trump will surely be giving him the boot.

The fact that Sessions has come forward in an effort to further President Trump’s important agenda proves that the entire cabinet is working a lot more efficiently with General John Kelly in charge. Only time will tell if Sessions follows through on his promise, and only time will tell if President Trump decides to keep Sessions after all. Let’s hope that Sessions isn’t just full of hot air and that he will do everything he can to aid President Trump in tracking down the White House leakers.